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Printing Nonwoven Fabric

Printing Nonwoven Fabric

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 Printing Nonwoven Fabric -- color-code reduces the risk of cross-contamination

The viscose printing non-woven fabric adopts a unique, open structure, and the raw material is Austrian Lenzing viscose and Chinese SINOPEC polyester. The printing material has the characteristics of water and oil absorption, hygienic and economical, and can be designed into any pattern. Widely used in food preparation and processing, such as hotels, restaurants, kitchens, seafood markets, supermarkets and other places. Print styles include wavy, cross, diamond, twill, checkered, leaf, different colors can reduce the risk of cross-contamination, environmentally friendly and strong water absorption. Can be reused multiple times. Easy to rinse, quick to dry and lightweight, so that a clean and tidy environment stays longer. It is widely used in kitchens especially for cooking cleaning


Composition: Viscose & PET

color: Blue, green,orange,yellow, red, etc

Workable width: 10cm-320cm

Weight range: 35gsm-125gsm


1. Kitchen  wipes
2. Catering
3. Hotel
4. Restaurant
5. Foods Processing Industry
6. Home
7. Office
8. Toilet
9. Studio


1. Low chip shedding rate
2. Different colors can reduce the risk of cross-contamination
3. Durable and can be used repeatedly
4. Not easy to fade
5. Strong water absorption
6. Soft touch
7. Solvent resistance
8. No chemical binder

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